Announcing Muze Network’s Liquidity Rewards Program

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4 min readMay 26, 2021


Muze Network is a revolutionary new platform for community builders of all types, that gives them the power of their own, unique, digital currency. For creators of all types, the development of their own community economy is a realizable goal.

Our website provides a complete overview of the project, platform features, implementation and use of the MUZE Token and more.

Central to the development, growth and operations of the Muze Network project is it’s utility token MUZE. MUZE is a BEP20 standard cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain.

As communities within the Muze Network grow and mature, each of their economies is backed by the MUZE Token, i.e., the digital currency generated, and the transactions initiated, require a supporting, virtual funding pool of MUZE tokens. This ensures that holders of any community currency can use MUZE as a gateway token to “cash out” the community currency they have acquired. As we say at Muze Network, earn, build, be rewarded.

A healthy and growing liquidity pool is critical to the Muze Network project. To this end we are pleased to announce our MUZE Liquidity Rewards Program, designed for those experienced with the world of Decentralized Finance, as well as those new to the realm.

Help us build the Muze Network, and be rewarded along the way!

OPTION ONE — Participate in Liquidity Pool Directly

Regarding option one: We recommend a basic knowledge of BSC transactions, crypto economics and Defi Exchanges with which to make an informed decision when considering providing liquidity using option one. You may wish to refer to Option Two below for liquidity opportunities for crypto beginners.

A detailed description of our Liquidity Rewards program options and how to participate is available on this page: Muze Network Liquidity Rewards Program.

As an added incentive, Muze Network will distribute additional amounts of MUZE tokens to participants in our sanctioned liquidity pools. On a monthly basis, pool participants receive an additional 20% MUZE tokens on top of the amount of MUZE they are holding in the pool. (240% APY in MUZE). For example, if you are holding 10,000 MUZE in the liquidity pool, each month you will receive 2,000 additional MUZE tokens sent directly to your wallet address. These rewards occur as long as you are an active participant in the pool. Note that these rewards are in addition to rewards that are built into Defi exchange (transaction earnings).

You may need the MUZE Token contract when selecting a token pair. The MUZE token contract is:



This is an alternative to option one. Anyone with an account in the Muze Network ( can purchase a special kind of internal digital currency (Energy Coin) called $LIQUID. It’s only purpose is to facilitate providing liquidity for sanctioned liquidity pools, while shielding the account holder from the complexities of Defi liquidity pool management. By purchasing $LIQUID, you are not just helping to fund a MUZE liquidity pool, you are investing in the Muze Network project and all the communities it nurtures.

Here’s how it works:

1. Purchase $LIQUID — When you are logged into Muze Network at, navigate to the My Energy page, available in the left sidebar. In the $LIQUID part of the page you will see a Purchase button. Click it and purchase the desired amount of $LIQUID Energy Coin with a debit or credit card. The funds used to purchase $LIQUID are used to add liquidity to a sanctioned MUZE liquidity pool. The price of each $LIQUID coin is keyed to the price of MUZE at the time of the purchase. There is a current maximum transaction amount of $5,000 for any one purchase of $LIQUID and a minimum of $100.

2. Rewards for Holders of $LIQUID — We provide substantial rewards for all holders of $LIQUID, given the importance of their participation . Each month, additional $LIQUID is added to your balance at a reward rate which is currently 15%, compounded each month (535% APY). That is, each months rewards are calculated based on your new $LIQUID balance, including any previously earned rewards.

3. Track Your $LIQUID Balance — When you own $LIQUID you can always monitor your balance right there on the My Energy page. Every month you receive rewards that are reflected in your balance.

4. Withdraw $LIQUID — When you are ready, withdraw all or part of your $LIQUID balance. Initiate a request and once approved, you receive an appropriate amount of MUZE tokens sent to your wallet address, including any amount you have earned as rewards. The exchange rate is always one MUZE token for one $LIQUID Energy Coin.



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