Muze Network Announces Revolutionary New Community Economy Platform — Built For Binance Smart Chain

Thursday, June 3, 2021 — Milwaukee, Wisconsin — Muze Network ( has officially announced its revolutionary new platform for building, managing and growing an online community economy. It’s built for creators of all kinds, and provides those curating an online community of fans and followers the ability to leverage the power of their own custom, branded digital currency. Muze Network allows for better engagement and monetization opportunities which surpass what’s possible with current social media and web-based approaches alone. Community builders can now form their own digital economy, under their control and management. Our mission is to help millions of creators and community builders realize the power of their own community economies without having to be a cryptocurrency developer or expert.

The Muze Network ecosystem is built on three foundational pillars: 1.) A community building and management platform. 2.) A custom, branded digital currency, under the management of each community manager, used and circulated within each community. 3.) MUZE, a BEP20, utility and gateway token of the Muze Network project, launched on the Binance Smart Chain. We are immensely proud to be the first project of its kind to launch their token on BSC. “The decision was easy,” said Michael Dykstra, project founder. “For a project like Muze Network, their was only one choice. The cost efficiencies alone made our choice clear. Plus the maturity of Dapps and projects moving to BSC make it the place to launch new projects that can grow without being killed by gas and transaction fees.”

More about the Muze Network ecosystem and how it functions can be found on the project website.

Muze Network is now recruiting creators and community builders of all types to become part of building a new era for online community management. At this time, community managers are brought on board by invite only. However, there is an application form for anyone interested in becoming a Community Manager.

The Muze Network community management platform is rich with powerful tools and features. The platform allows community managers to create and develop a full fledged online community or extend one that already exists. With it, Community Managers create and manage a variety of ways their fans and followers can both purchase and spend their particular digital currency, e.g., exclusive content access, online shop, online and in person events and event tickets, donations, paid memberships, live streaming, learning materials and courses, and more. The Muze Network community allows Community Managers to incentivize members to buy, use and circulate their own digital currency, which we call Energy Coin.

Phase Two of the Muze Network platform, already under development, will expand its potential reach by releasing the Muze Network Plugin, enabling a more decentralized and distributed future. This plugin will allow just about any WordPress website to safely and securely connect to and participate in the Muze Network foundational infrastructure we’ve built. Developers and community managers with established websites and communities will be able to plug in to the power of community economies that the Muze Network ecosystem enables. Anticipated release date for Muze Network Phase two is the first half of 2022.

Visit for a thorough overview of the project and community platform.

Michael Dykstra

Media Kit: Muze Network Media Kit




A revolutionary new ecosystem for building dynamic online communities with the power of their own digital currency. Create your own community economy.

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Muze Network

Muze Network

A revolutionary new ecosystem for building dynamic online communities with the power of their own digital currency. Create your own community economy.

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