Using the Muze Network — Creating and Growing a Community Economy

The Muze Network offers a new model for online community builders of all kinds. One that allows them to create and develop their own, thriving, community economy. We’ve engineered an ecosystem that allows those managing online communities to essentially “tokenize” their communities, like an asset, making exciting new monetization opportunities a reality. This ecosystem is built on three foundational pillars.

1. Community Builder Platform — An online community software platform, rich with tools and features. CBP allows community managers to create and develop a full fledged online community, with the power to create and grow their own internal economy.

2. Community Digital Currency — Each community manager gains control of their own, branded, digital currency we call Energy Coin. Community managers harness the power of this currency by incentivizing it’s use in a wide variety of ways. Their digital currency powers the development and growth of each community economy.

3. MUZE Token — MUZE is the utility token for the entire collective of Muze Network communities, and is the backbone and foundation of each individual community. It is a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. Each community currency (Energy coin) is backed by the MUZE Token, which also functions as a gateway or bridging currency for all holders of each digital currency.

The Power of a Muze Network Community Economy

For years, community builders and creators of all kinds have been using online communities and social media to build a following, showcase their work, interact with fans, popularize their movement or organization, bring a group of like-minded individuals together, and more. The Muze Network is an ideal place to launch a new community or energize and breathe new life into your existing community building efforts. Central to a successful community economy will be to incentivize the use of your currency, driving it’s growth and value. These are some of the tools available within the Muze Network Community Platform, that enable the creation and management of a real community economy.

Energy Coin — Your Own Digital Currency — You have your own community currency. Be creative and build incentives for your members to use it. They can purchase it, spend it, and send it, all within the Muze Network.

Group Management — Establish as many social groups inside your community as you wish. Then design access rights to groups as you wish. Within groups you can have discussion forums, various media portfolios, send group messages, documents archive and more. For exclusive groups and content require purchase and/or payment in your Energy Coin.

Built-in Messaging — Stay in touch with your community members. A full featured messaging capability is built-in, allowing you to communicate directly with any other member, and if you wish, other community managers.

Exclusive Content– Restrict access to various kinds of content you create. Require payment in your community currency to gain access to all or part.

Built-in Ecommerce Storefront — Sell both tangible and non-tangible products, including virtual and downloadable, in your own ecommerce storefront. This includes auctions and lotteries you can promote and manage yourself.

Paid Memberships — Create and manage paid memberships. Use them to restrict access to content, groups and more.

Zoom Integration — Zoom meetings are supported and tightly integrated. List and promote Zoom meetings for your members in groups and forums. Promote Zoom livestream events with the ability to sell tickets.

Discussion Forums — Discussion forums reside inside your groups. You can create as many or as few as you need. Use them to engage and interact with your community. Post and highlight just about anything you need.

Fundraising — Use Muze Network as a platform to jump start or build on fundraising initiatives for your non-profit or any kind of organization you manage. Leverage the power of the built-in tools to create a rich and engaging online community. Then ask for donations in your own group’s currency. A currency that grows in value as you incentivize and energize your group members.

Online Learning — The Muze Network toolset includes a full-featured and powerful online learning system. Have something you want to teach, or your organization wants to teach? Create courses, learning modules, assessments, etc. Make them free or require use of your Energy Coins to unlock access.

Events — In person and virtual events of all kinds can be an important part of community development and growth. Use the Muze Network as the front end to host and announce your events, help to promote them and then sell tickets for your events in your own currency.

Group Messaging — Stay in touch with your groups by sending messages out to all or only selected group members, whenever you wish.

Photos and Photo Albums — As you’d expect you can upload images and store them in albums. Add descriptions, allow community members to like and comment. Use them to engage and interact with your community. Restrict access to exclusive photos in blog articles.

Auctions — Create fully functional auctions in your own online store. Physical products and also virtual and downloadable. Advanced auction features under your control.

Incentivize members — Incentivize and reward members by sending them amounts of your Energy Coin for specific kinds of actions and engagement. You can send Energy Coin to any members you wish. For example, reward specific amounts for things like sharing, commenting, gaining access to a restricted group, becoming a new member, making a purchase and so much more. These kind of incentive and engagement activities are up to you.

Collaborations — Collaborations between creators and community managers are inevitable. Use your respective Energy Coins as a currency to compensate each other or any participants in the collaboration.

These are just a few of the ways the power of the Muze Network can be leveraged to establish and grow your own community economy. If you are interested in building your community here click the Join Us link in the Contact menu. If you have some questions, message us. If you’d like to be kept up-to-date on all the news and announcements subscribe to our email list.

Let’s build this together!




A revolutionary new ecosystem for building dynamic online communities with the power of their own digital currency. Create your own community economy.

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Muze Network

Muze Network

A revolutionary new ecosystem for building dynamic online communities with the power of their own digital currency. Create your own community economy.

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